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about 33-34lbs.

I had it down to around 30lbs with an RP3, except the RP3 made it feel kinda crappy.

The next build was about 31lbs, but at that point I had F519 rims and a Selle Italia Flight TT(165g) saddle and eggbeater SLs.

Now, it's around 33-34lbs, with beefier rims (521 in the rear, 819 up front), 20mm Z1 lowers on the AM1, mallet C pedals, a selle italia flight gel-flow ti-something or other saddle-much more comfy, but about 100g more. I also put a weirwolf 2.5 on the front, instead of the dumb paper-thin casing 2.3 tires I was using before.

With the current build, I feel much better about taking it down full-on DH runs, getting DH-sized "air" and doing real drops all over theplace.

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Jerk_Chicken said:
Looking to see the range of parts and approximate weights so I could have an idea of my build.
My medium 6 Pack weighs 36lb. However it has some burley Race face bars/stem/seatpost, quite heavy wheels but forks are ok, using Manitu firefly plus.

Does not ride heavy if just plodding along but feels it if trying to pedal fast. Fantastic when used on downhill and singletrack.

However I am planning on lightening it up for the new year so it will then be a 6" trial bike instead is a 6" free ride bike as it is now.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to some more.

My goal is to put together an RFX that weighs as little as possible, but not too light because that would defeat the purpose of a heavy duty frame. I'm not a terribly strong rider, so I'd feel the weight. I'm looking to get around 32 pounds. This would allow me to go uphill, while still being able to handle the gnarlier stuff I'm doing out here. I think cockpit components are pretty easy to get light (without going too far, of course), while wheels and tires are a bit harder, especially since they are so critical in the purpose of the bike as a whole.

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Mine's not light

Medium Pack - Frame weight measured at 8.4 lbs (DHXc, 500 lb spring)
Z150 Fork - 6.5 ish (heavy)
45 mm block stem (heavy)
Pro Taper DH bars
SRAM X.9 Shifters
XT Front Der
X.9 Rear Der (med cage)
XT Crankset
MRP LRP ISCG Chainguide
ZuZu Pedals
XT Cassette
Avid mech brakes 200mm front rotor, 160 mm rear rotor

Azonic Outlaw Wheelset w/Pana 2.4 FR rear tire, Kenda Nevegal 2.5 Front (single ply)

Total weight 37.8 lbs

if I run

D321 wheelset XT hubs w/Maxxis Minion DH 2.5 rear, Mich DH 2.8 front

Total weight 39.6 lbs.

These weights closely match pretty detailed spreadsheets that I'd put together prior to building her up. My wheelsets are very heavy, but I'm hard on wheels so that's a compromise I make. The Z150 is also very heavy for a 6" fork, but it's super smooth.

I find the weight isn't as much of a factor for me, at least for reasonable length rides, as is the climbing position. I rode a Bullit prior to the Pack, which was considerably harder to get up hills despite only maybe a 1/2 lb weight difference. Being able to lock down the fork is also key for me because a lot of our climbs are really steep.

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