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How much does a Fat Bike weigh?

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I've been asked a few times how much the Pugsley weighs compared to a normal bike. So I borrow the neighbours scales to find out. My road bike, a Dawes Ultra Galaxy comes in at 13.1 or 28.9 lbs Kg, the Genesis iOiD sits at 13.6 Kg or 30 lbs and the mighty Pugsley an interesting 19.3 Kg or 42.5 lbs. All bikes without panniers, etc. I'd be interested to see what other fat bikes weigh?
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I've seen Fatbacks built up, with gears, anywhere from 24lbs(10.9Kg) to 35lbs(15.9Kg). You could make them heavier with cheaper or burlier components. You could make one lighter if you're very light yourself, have a buttload of money and don't mind going 1x10/9/8/5/1.
my Pugs is 34.5lbs - that's with no racks/panniers
Mine weighs 38 lbs...must be full of sand :D
Holy crap, mines 42, guess it's time to start upgrading some stuff.
My Alum Fatback is right at 30 pounds. I know of a few more pounds of weight savings, but that comes at a steep price tag. Carbon Fork/Ti Pedals/Saddle.
42lbs :D

But Hey , I`m 260lbs !!!
My steel fat bike weighs in at 35lbs. Not many weight wienie parts at all except Rolling Darryl rims.
Mine is coming in at 29.5lbs. Build listed below to get an idea.

Fatback 22" polished nickel w/ Fatback carbon fork
Uma II drilled rims with Fatback (Hadley) hubs and Ti skewers
Fatback E13 180mm crankset
Shimano 10sp Dyna-sys drivetrain (yes it works with the E13 crank)
Formula R1 disc brakes w/ Ashima rotors (180/160)
Thomson seatpost, stem and seat collar
Specialized S-Works carbon riser bar
Specialized Phenom SL Ti saddle
Twenty6 Prerunner Ti pedals
Cane Creek 100 Headset
Ergon GA1 Leichtbau grips
Surly Larry/Endo tires 120tpi
Q-tubes super light 26"x2.4"-2.7" tubes
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I have a medium older generation Ti Fatback @28.5# or 12.9 Kg with bar ends, speedometer, bottle cage and 2 X 8 with a bash ring.

Wife has X Small Alu Fatback @ 29.5 # or 13.4 Kg.

Most of the difference is in the fork, I have an older lighter steel fork on mine. Also the pedals, mine have ti axles hers don't. That will get taken care of soon enough. Now if I get a carbon fork for me and give her my steel fork both our bikes can get a bit lighter. That should count as a win / win right?
My Aluminum 9 Zero 7 with a steel Pugs fork, 3 bottle cages, cushy seat, ergo grips with bar ends, and a rear rack weighs in at 34.5 lbs. I weigh in at a light 300 lbs in bike shorts:)
I think We crunched these numbers a while ago. We reached a conclusion back then that a fat bike carries 5 lbs of extra weight do to fat bike specific parts.

Maybe now we should redo the math
100 mm bottom bracket has to be used.
45-50mm rims because that is the generally accepted minimum rim for the tires.
Vs two say gordos.
Two larrys vs the largest 29er tires out there
Two legit tubes. Debatable, but surly tubes should be used for a standard.

Other than that it's all personal.
My Pug comes in at 36# naked! 42ish# fully clothed!!?? ;)

In all seriousness, if I was worried about the weight of my "Fat" bike I'd have purchased a road bike, NOT!! ;)
After all, isn't it just a number??!! HAA HAA

Peace, Joboo
Wow, anyone over 50 lbs??? ;)
This is the anti-weight-weenie thread haha. I'll post what mine ends up in a few weeks.
my Pugsley is 41 lbs, there seems to be a big difference in weights here???
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