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How much can the Hardrock take?

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I wasn't sure if this should have been in the DH/FR forum or this forum, hope I'm in the right place. Anyways, my Christmas present is an ' 05 Specialized Hardrock Singlespeed Disc (can't wait till the 25th so I can hit the trail with it), and I was wondering exactly what it's capable of. I already know it's a great ride, that's why I chose it as the one thing I could get for Christmas. It's just that through all of my research, I never found out much about how the hardrock handles as an FR/DH/DJ rig. My plan for this bike is for it to become a begginer DJ/urban bike (with moderate trail use), but I'm not sure if the bike itself is suited for the type of riding I want to get into. I don't mind upgrading as needed (I planned on upgrading anyway depending on my cash flow and skill level), I just want to know if this bike, stock, can handle some urban/DJ abuse.

Thanks in advance,
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The frame can.

The rest of the components depend on how fluid you are. Have the wheels trued and de-tensioned at the shop, and ask them for a strong rear true, if they have a good wheelman in the house.

You are going to want a better fork, but for a gift, the HardRock SS is great.

Thr frame is great as a beginner setup.

yea, the hardrock SS is really nice. you are really going to have to upgrade the cranks and the fork, after that you wont have to change much. the DitchWitch rims will hold, you might want a better set of handlebars. the Specialized bars are really flexy. but that bike is perfict for urban and okay for DJ. as soon as you upgrade the fork and the cranks it can handle FR,DJ, urban and park easily :)

ride hard
I had a buddy that would DH race his and it held up but he was super smooooooooth.
Just ride it, and replace what breaks with stronger stuff. No matter what gets written here, you're still going to try new and bigger stuff everyday. Avoid drops to flat and riding down stairs and you'll save a lot of the parts from an early death. It's a great bike, and you'll be able to use it for a long time. How do you already know what you're getting for Christmas?
Thanks for the replies, happy to know that many of the components will last for the type of riding I intend to do. As for upgrading parts, I'm just going to upgrade as things break.

bikenweed said:
How do you already know what you're getting for Christmas?
I had to pick it out and test it myself, my mom hates having to remember alot of specifics when getting gifts, so this year she made an exception and let me come along for the christmas shopping.
Spokes DE-tensioned? Don't you mean RE-tensioned??
Both, actually.

Kona0197 said:
Spokes DE-tensioned? Don't you mean RE-tensioned??
machine built wheels have some wind-up to the spokes, so the first thing I do when I pull a build is de-tension the spokes, then I re-tension and true the wheel.

If you get on a floor bike and you hear pinging from the wheels, that is the spokes setting themselves.
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