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I finally got a shock pump and figured i should check it cause it seems like its been traveling too much lately. I know its by weight, im 200 lbs. Let me know

and im also thinking of getting a new frame soon and transfering everything from the superlight over ... ive looked at blurs but they are mad expensive ... but still in my realm of consideration. What other bikes can you guys reccomend ... i cant remember what the weyless version of the blur is called but id be down to get one of those ... ive seen some dope titus and intense too ... i want something thats still cross country and good on climbs, but maybe a little more travel. My friend thinks i should have a dual pivot because im 6' 6" and that will react to my bodys geometry better or some **** like that.

I just bought a freeride bike the other day so i dont need anything too heavy duty.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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