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How many people register their bikes with NBR?

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Does anyone register their bikes with the National Bike Registry? Am I stupid for not doing it all these years? Has anyone recovered a stolen bike through this process?

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not bikes are insured by homeowners insurance, a nice gun collection and a crazy itchy finger, pain inducing madman
I've never even heard of NBR, but yeah homeowners for me too. Definitely comes in handy for stolen bikes.
My bikes are ensured by the security, reliability, and safety of my well as those of whom ride with me.

I mean hey, we got supermachete's bike back with the help of the Internets. You can use the internet in a good way, by helping get a persons bike back, or a bad way, by posting about making a "bomb prof dh bike" and not taking anyones suggestions.
Covered by homeowners/renters insurance...

...and my insurance agent is one of my riding buddies. ;)

Lord knows, if my bikes ever get stolen, I'll get full retail replacement value for them, no matter how used they are. :D
how do i get my bikes added to homeowners insurance? or is it automatic? anyone know a good agent in the south bay area, CA?
I never have. Good to have photos and all the serials etc written down in the case it gets stolen. Will make it much easier to get insurance or help get it back.

first.hander said:
how do i get my bikes added to homeowners insurance? or is it automatic? anyone know a good agent in the south bay area, CA?
Not automatic . But may be covered if bike get stolen from house and you have insurance.

Good to let insurance co know.

Any high dollar items are usually disclosed when you get the renters insurance.

Expensive bike, guns, instruments, jewelry etc
LOL, I registered mine with them (hope to never have to actually see if it really works), But as others have said my fists are my insurance and my kel tec strap is my backup ;) Unless we are talking home invasion, then thats a whole other arsenal.
I do it with all my bikes, its cheap and it's up there in the "you never know" category. My homeowners covers them too but there's still a deductible so I'd still be shelling out some dough. I also register them locally too.
At REI they sell Kryptonite registration. Kryptonite makes various bike locks. I was hoping to find a comparison between the NBR National bike registry and the kryptonite.
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