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How many miles on 12 speed chains?

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I have ~725 miles on my 12 speed chain and it needs to be replaced. Used in mostly dry conditions, kept clean and lubed religiously. I know several factors can affect this but I'm a bit surprised. This seems a bit short on lifespan, but I'm new to 12 speed. Could you share your experience?
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Which chain? The more expensive ones like xo and xx1 last longer.

I usually got about 600 miles or so out of my cheap 11 speed chain. But i typically replaced it at 0.5 wear to preserve the cassette. I have around 250 miles on my 12 speed/xo chain and it still seems like new.
I get about 1,000 from xtr 9100 chain, and take very good care of it, mostly dry conditions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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