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How long have you been riding and how many bikes have you had? I'm mainly talking about your main ride (assuming you have one and don't use several different bikes). What I'm really getting at is how long do you usually keep a bike?

I haven't been riding long enough to really say yet. I rode in middle school and the beginning of high school, but stopped for a long time, got a new bike in the spring, and already want another new one. Guess a few upgrades on the Kona will have to do :)

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Kind of a difficult question although, I like it because it's always fun to see/hear how many bikes people own. I guess I have an addiction. Once cycling became more of a lifestyle than a hobby, the bikes started to pile up and get recycled as well. I currently own five although only four get regular use that regular use depends on the season. So, I'll answer like this and hopefully it answers your question.

4 road bikes, still have 2
3 'Cross bikes, still have 2
10 MTBs, still have 1

Previous to 2001, I would own 1 MTB at a time and they would last me about 2-4 years before I looked for something new.

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I didn't know how long I had owned a mountain bike until I answered this post.

1) Genuine Nashbar 1995 to 2000 (several years off due to life changes & injury)
2) Specializer Rockhopper FSR Comp 2000 to 2008 (1 year off due to injury)
3) Trek Fuel EX8 2008 to now (Hopefully no time off)

I probably keep them longer than I should.

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I've been riding since I was 4 years old so 30 years now. Not all of them mountain biking of course. I believe I have owned 8 bikes in 30 years.

1. An old Schwinn my dad restored (probably worth some $ if I still had it).
2. Another Schwinn Frame my dad built into a BMX for me. He used an old Stingray 5-speed drivetrain and put it on my BMX'r.
3. Basic Schwinn Mt. BIke bought at LBS for commuting in College.
4. 97 Diamondback Zetec - This is when I started Mt. Biking seriously.
5. 98 Specialized S-Works Team HT - Still own and ride
6. 98 DBR V8 - Still own but I'm beginning to think this one is not repairable.
7. 09 Santa Cruz Superlight - Just got this one.
8. 01 DBR X4 - bought on CL as a frame and built up this year.

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I'll play. 34 years of bike riding.

1st bike was a Schwinn with a banana seat. loved that bike.
2nd bike was a Huffy. lol
3rd was a Mongoose with yellow mags. wish I still had it.
4th was a Schwinn road bike.
5th - my first mtb back in '90 rigid steel Diamondback - the bike that started it all.

Still in the stable:
6th - Gary Fisher Ziggurat ('96 or '98) - rode the hell out of it, and still have it, but needs to be rebuilt.... as a SS.
7th - Stumpjumper FSR expert ('06)
8th - Blue Competition Rc7 ('07) carbon road bike
9th - Giant Anthem X2 ('09) - just bought last week

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Oh my, I guess I should have listed mine as well huh? :D

1993 Trek 930
1995 Trek 850
1997 Trek Y3
???? Surly 1x1
2001 Trek Fuel 90
2005 Giant XTC
2006 Cannondale Rush 2000 (mocha)
2006 Cannondale Rush 2000 (galvanized)
2007 Cannondale Rush Carbon 2
2008 Cannondale Scalpel Team - current ride

Road Bikes
1988 Bianchi Brava - current project
2005 Salsa Campeon
2005 Cannondale Six13 Team Saeco
2007 Cannondale SystemSix Team Liquigas - current ride

'Cross Bikes
2006 Cannondale Cyclocross - current ride
2008 Ridley X-Fire
2008 Cannondale X6 - current ride

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1st bike was a 20" w/ banana saddle, sissy bar, coaster brake and semi chopper style handle bars put together by my uncle and ridden from about age 7 until maybe 13.

2nd was a BMX wanna be probably Huffy I got for a neighborhood kid. Massivly heavy and a real dog of a bike. Never really ridden by me but a loaner for friends.

3rd was a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed. Steel with green paint and drop bars. Dual brake levers. Probably bought it around age 12 or so and ridden until maybe 17 or 18. By today's standards heavy and not so fun but I rode the heck out of it on the local roads growing up.

4th was a Gary Fisher 2003 Big Sur purchased in 2004 that I still own. I still enjoy riding this bike and am still amazed at the bang for the buck. It is however now a backup and smooth trail bike as I recently purchased my 5th bike a 2008 Kona Dawg Deluxe and I'm loving it.

Next bike? who knows when or what. I'd kinda like to get a long travel but I don't really need it. A single speed might be interesting and a recent thread about coasties has my interest but again no real need.

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Holy crap,I've come full circle! I guess it's a sickness

My first mtn bike- 89' KHS Montana Decent
2) 94' Gary Fisher Montare
3) 95' Gary Fisher Montare
4) 96' Giant ATX 890
5) 98' GT LTS 2
6) 98'? Giant XTC SE2
7) 99'? Trek 8000
8) 99'? Trek 7000
9) used Trek 930 ( I think it was a 96')
10) 00' Santa Cruz Heckler
11) 01' Cove Handjob
12) 02' Santa Cruz Superlight
13) 03' Gary Fisher Cake 2
14) 04' Gary Fisher Marlin (upgaded and modified big time!)
15) (Currently) 95' Diamond Back Apex (slightly modified/customized)
16) I also currently own an old Sekai road bike (early 80's)
*** 17 & 18) And somwhere in there around 06' I had a Gary Fisher Dual Sport
as well as a titainium framed mtn bike. (Had to sell those two to pay
for a kidney stone. Fun!!!

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Hi my name is Tom and I have a bicycle addiction

Abunch of these I wish I had found a way to keep.

73 probably a Huffy as it had the solid rubber tires
76 Schwinn Sting Ray 3 speed (banana seat and stick shift)
78 Royce Union 20" bmxish bike
80 Mongoose Moto Mag
82 Patterson PR200
85 Hutch Trickstar
85 Cannondale (road bike)
85 Schwinn Mesa Runner (this one started me mountain biking)
88 Specialized Hardrock
89 Specialized Stumpjumper Team (still have and ride)
89 Schwinn Paramount OS (Waterford built, wish I kept)
93 Mountain Cycle San Andreas (still have but don't ride)
94 Gary Fisher Cronus
98 Serotta Concourse (still have and ride)
98 Specialized S Works (still have and ride)
99 Dyno VFR 24" bmx (still have but don't ride)
03 Santa Cruz Blur (still have and ride)
07 Niner RIP (still have and ride)

Have a Day:)

Littleton, CO

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I'm guessing the year but my first bike was around 6 or 7. Schwinn something. It was red and beautiful when I woke up on Christmas morning. After that it was a Columbia ten speed, followed by a Specialized Hard Rock in 92, that got stolen. My current bike is a 2008 C'Dale F5. Been good to me so far. I will be building my first bike from scratch this winter using budget parts to create a no frills single speed road bike.

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OK you have me thinking.... recollection...some years might be off....:

92 Trek 850
94 Cannondale Delta V 600
98 Cannondale F1000
03 Giant VT 2
06 Titus MotoLite
09 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29

72 Schwinn Varsity
77 Vista Silver Shadow
89 Vista (forgot model and year)
99 Bike E!
00 Cannondale T700

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I wish I could have kept all of my old bikes since my first one (1960), but some were stolen, some broke, some just slowly got forgotten, taken apart and lost by pieces. I've kept most of the ones I've had since the late 80s when I got serious about cycling as an adult, though (so 7 mountain bikes and 2 road bikes still reside with me). I've been saying for a while I should just get rid of some of them, especially since last year when I moved and lost much of the storage/work area I had. One of the road bikes and two of the mountain bikes are more a collection of unattached parts right now but soon as I start hanging parts on one of them then I just can't bear to part with it...:rolleyes:

Here's the current inventory
89 American Breezer (actually this bike I rescued a couple years ago, original owner didn't want it any more, but it has pretty much all the original parts)
95 (?) Trek OCLV Pro Issue/9900 (replacement for 93 9800 that broke, now a singlespeed)
97 Moots YBB
99, 02 & 07 Santa Cruz Hecklers (the 99 is in the stand now trying to be a bike again)
09 Santa Cruz Nomad (replacement for an 05 that cracked)
91 Trek 2300 (will be a fixie one of these days, I swear)
06 TST (my working roadie)

Most of them started as frames and hung my own selection of parts on them, most have wheels I've built.

I ride the newest Heckler (err, Beckler since I put 650b wheels on it) the most these days.

It's a good addiction.

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Tough question

I've been riding mountain for 16 years and I've owned well over 20 bikes, including 5 built bikes right now:skep: , but I admit I have a problem:D Dispite my bike adiction my main bike has been an 03 Turner 5 Spot for 6 years. I test rode 7 different bikes last year and decided it wasn't worth it to drop the extra coin and just had the Spot re powdercoated.

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Lots of fun memories of the old bikes....
50s vintage brown 20" wheel clunker
mid 60s red 26" wheel Columbia
mid 60s green sting ray wannabe
early 70s yellow Columbia 10 speed
'75 red Austro Daimler "S"
late 80s red Diamomndback MTB
'94 red Bridgestone MB3
'98 blue Bianchi Volpe - currently set up with riser bars & cross tires as a 29er of sorts...
'00 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - backup & winter ride
'06 gray Santa Cruz Nomad - the main squeeze

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Started in 1979, 30 years ago.

Jeffrey Richman - custom made klunker, wish I had kept it
Specialized - first ones made - at least 6 different ones, I worked for them
Miyata - 2 models
Ross - 2 models
Yeti - John Parker gave me one in Santa Barbara - benefits of working in bike industry, wish I had kept it
DiamondBack - 3 different ones
Fisher - 4 different ones
Ritchey - 4 different ones, three handmade by Tom, 1985 first production versions - still have
On-One 29er - still have
Voodo 29er - still have
Rock Lobster - 29er MoFo Cross - still have

More road bikes than I can remember, first in 1964, first full Campagnolo pro bike in 1968. The one I really remember most was the Graftek Exxon carbon in 1977. Broke lots of parts and frames racing road and criteriums in the 60s and 70s, Campy, DuraAce, Cinelli, Poggliagi, Colnago, Guerciotti, DeRosa. :(

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I guess I really haven't been riding that long, but I'll list them anyway.

98(ish) Spec. Hardrock - Stolen in 05
05 Spec. FSRxc Pro - Still have the frame, wore out pretty much everything though.
09 Titus El Guapo - My dream bike, I can't imagine myself getting rid of it for a long time.

Acquired an old Cannondale in 2007, When I found out I actually would ride one I bought a hold-over in summer 2008:
2007 Spec. Roubaix Expert Sram.

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I love bikes, particularly steel frames.

My current stable
97 Serotta CRT
03 Waterford RS-2200

07 Gary Fisher Hifi Deluxe
01 Independent Fabrication Deluxe.

The IF is a new acquisition. I am mid build and looking forward to hitting the trail with it
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