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Harem Scarem

from the beginning
1983 DiamondBack RidgeRunner
1985 Ritchey Timbercomp
1984 Ritchey Skyliner Tandem
1986 Schwinn Sierra
1995 GF Hoo koo E Ko ( Grateful Dead Edition)
2002 GF Sugar 1
2006 Haro Mary XC ( 29r)
2006 GF Sugar 292 ( in transit be here next week)

Own and ride them all :) and am the original owner of them all :)

Don't Stop Spinnin'!
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2001 Schwinn Homegrown Pro
2006 Santa Cruz Superlight

Both bikes used for fun/training/local xc races.

too many bikes to list in the past. :thumbsup:

and a road bike on the way.

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How many?

2000 Trek 6000 (Good ol' hardtail)
2005 Specialized Enduro Comp
2006 Titus Moto-lite
2006 Indy Fab 29er SS

I gave away a much upgraded 2000 Cannondale Super V:aureola:
I also have a couple of frames. I need to convert them to SS (One is a GT Aggressor, the other is an old GT steel frame hardtail.) Does your wifes bike count. She has a Raleigh Tess (It's the one she wanted)

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06 The One cruiser imported from AMSTERDAM and its green hehehe
05 Giant STP
03 Trek 3500<=== Winter snow pile jumper (ridged)
01 Trek Tr 10<=== likes to be be ghost ridden alot
06 Avent Donny Robinson signature 20 inch bmx frame with Answer Scythe fork<=== (baby)

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I ride all these bikes:

'55 Peugeot PLX 10 Grande Tourisme.
1978 Raleigh Superbe 3 speed.
1990 Trek HT SS
1987 Kuwahara Cascade SS
1973 Raleigh Carlton SS (road bike)
1985 Bianchi road bike
Trek 7500 Multitrack
1987 Kuwahara Super Tour (road bike)
1969 Peugeot Criterium (road bike / fixed gear project)
My "Critter" hybrid

My primary ride throughout last year was my custom made Critter which is a 1980 Raleigh "Criterium" road bike that was mated to vintage 26 inch wheels and is driven by a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub. Of the 4000 km I rode the Critter handled half of that as it is my main all weather commuter. I wanted to build a bike that would handle my commute and also be capable of handling the MUTS and a little singletrack. It offers a nearly perfect blend of performance, comfort, and has some vintage appeal with it's 3 speed hub and shiny chrome wheels.

My '55 Peugeot PLX is a vintage racing bike that was redressed by the factory with fenders and wider rubber to make it a tourer...the riser bars aren't original but do make for a more comfortable ride and the old girl is much faster than she looks. The Peugeot Helium frame is incredibly light and responsive.

My favourite old ride is my Raleigh Superbe 3 speed that I saved from the crusher :eek: ... I looked long and hard to find this bike and also found it's mate which I gave to a friend. It is by far the most comfortable bike I own and always draws stares, comments, and offers to purchase. I really have to update the picture as it has new tires, a new Brooks saddle, and I've removed all the electrical tape that was wrapped around the frame.

My mountain bikes are a 1990 Trek HT that I've converted into an SS, a vintage "87 Kuwahara Cascade (rigid) which is now also a singlespeed, and a recently acquired Trek 7500 Multitrack that has had a few modifications to make it trail and singletrack worthy.

My road bikes all differ in some aspect...the Kuwahara runs 700c wheels and tyres, the Bianchi is an Italian beauty running some gorgeous 27 inch wheels, and the old Peugeot is on it's way to becoming a fixie since the Criterium frame (Reynolds 501) is ideal for a fixed gear conversion due to it's higher bb.

The Carlton is a bike I picked up for $10.00 at a second hand store and converted into an SS... the frame and forks are Reynolds 531 and even though I retained the vintage parts the bike is still incredibly light. Since the picture was taken I have replaced the front crank with a vintage single and I have been working at restoring the paint job to make her as pretty as she is fast.

Besides this there are quite a few more bikes hanging in the shop or stored in my shed awaiting work.
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