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So last year wasn't a great year for riding (sidelined for almost 9-months for knife in the eyeball type surgery).

I put Stans in my tires and had ridden a few times before I had to put the bike up for the year.

But this spring when I was tuning up the bike I found the stuff was still pretty liquid. Although it did have a slightly brown color to it. :confused:

So I am curious how long will Stans really last? If it is still pretty liquid, is it still OK to keep riding?

And also found this weird thing growing in the back tire, but I guess it is not too uncommon. Just a little 'what the heck is that thing' moment...

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Looks like your tyre has grown a little Stanimal!

A Stanimal is an agglomeration of the little particles in the Stan's sealant. If you were to puncture now, the sealing effect of the sealant would be greatly reduced even if it is still liquid. Time to add some fresh sealant.
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