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How long until your bruisings appear?

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I thought I got away with a spill with no signs of the fall...

A huh... 2 days later my left arm (where I had fallen) was all sorts of blues and yellows...

Looked like I received the short end of the stick in a fight.

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I'm a quick bruiser Ill show signs of discoloration a couple hours after an impact.
I get some discoloration the day of, but a day or 2 later, I've got colors Disney would envy...if they were making a graphic medical drama. Yuck!

Lol, great question. Seems to depend on where they are. Legs are fairly instant but get darker and noticable in 2 days but my arms if they bruise do it almost instantly. My shoulder's dont seem to bruise but that maybe cause when i nail them it looks like i took a cheese grator to them.
yeah, they can be pretty. all continent upon your circulation, where the bruising occurs and how deep it was/is.
Often for me, i don't bruise too much. Someting may hurt a ton, but i have nothing to show for it unless the skin is damaged.
Yeah, I find it depends on location and type of hit too...

Light / superficial stuff, I usually get color fairly soon. Bigger / deeper stuff takes a couple of days to make it to the surface.

I'm just lucky I heal fairly quickly and don't show for co-workers would freak out if they saw my arms and/or legs after some of my rides where I've been really pushing myself in terms of speed or technical ability.
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