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Hi, just curious, i moved to LA few years back, and the regular commute to the decent trails within 1h-1,5h, the closest one within 10 min drive, but those are good for 30-60 minutes( the loop is few min, and you do multiple loops)

Previously I was living within 30 min driving, or 1 hour biking from decent trails;

So my question is how do you commute to have a ride, and what ration btw driving / riding?

So quick ride for me 20 in total driving and 40 min riding
Weekend 2-3 hours driving and 2-3 hours riding


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Nothing to hours. My house backs up to a 6,000 acre park so most weekday rides are there. Weekends, we drive.
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My God!

A street session to get there is minutes unless a feature is discovered along the way.

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Mostly, I drive this one speed automatic to the trails. The AC is on the fritz but it runs great however, it only does around 8 miles per sammich, so not the most fuel efficient.

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5 to 15 minutes for my regulars.
I bought my house based on location as a priority. My usual trails are a 5 minute ride from my garage.
My work is a 25 minute drive, and I have a plethora of trails 10-15 minutes from there.
That said, I have no qualms driving 3 hours to Trestle, or 4 to AngelFire.

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The problem with the Wasatch Back is that there's only a little over 400 miles of singletrack in the area of Park City. Sometimes, you have to go to Heber, or all the way to Moab for variety.
I'd love to be in the PNW. Sadly, Canada won't have me, and for the rest of the riding, I'm really not good enough.
It really is better weather, though, for a "peaty, smoky" Scotch. It's getting to be that time of year.
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