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Hi there!

I decided to start an new topic on this as I hope to get more attention for my question like this (and hopefully also some replies) - hope this is okay.

And of course I know you can't really answer this question exactly at all (different riding conditions etc.), but maybe "round about", so that I get an idea of it (or if some values come together one could of course calculate an average value)

So: How many miles can you take with one pair of (Avid original) brake pads?
(Special usage conditions etc. would be nice too, or if there are experiences with 3rd party pads.. let me know as well :))

The reason I am asking this is that price (and value/durability) really is an issue to me and so I don't want to buy a cheap brake with expensive (rather low durability) replacement pads. (Maybe BB7 or completely different brakes would be better for me in that case.)
I quite do some miles during a year as my bike also is my transportation device of choice, and I really like it for its rather low costs :thumbsup: (but there still are some things to improve, as changing to disc brakes e.g. ;))

I'd expect brake pads to last at least 2,000 miles with no heavy offroad use and mainly used on the road (but also with lots of stopping in the city)
Would that be possible with BB5's brake pads?
(I know they are a bit smaller than BB7's ones, but don't know if that allone means anything at all)

At last I'd like to apologize for my not-so-perfect english; I'm not a native speaker
(And therefore I couldn't express some things as easily and shortly as I actually wanted to, please be patient :))

Thank you.
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