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I was wondering how long of a ride you guys & gals that have been snow riding awhile do.This is my first full winter with my fatback ,I got it at the end of our winter last year.Here in northeast PA we can have good winters with lots of snow & sometimes not so good ,this year has been good so far.We are also lucky to have alot of groomed snowmobile trails to ride (about 180 miles +) they range from railtrail to twisty flowing woods trail that go up down all over the ridges & mts around here real kool stuff.:D My buddy & I have been doing like 20 to 50 mile rides ,is that about normal,I just can`t get enough of this stuff:) I do have to say the snowmobilers have been real good around here ,we get thumbs up & some even stop to check out the bikes:thumbsup: like I said just wondering ,or should we be doing more:rolleyes: thanks KP
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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