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How important is the Rohloff 54mm chainline?

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I've riden several pairs of MTB cranks and an Ellsoworth Id and paid no attention to the chainline. I may, of course, be doing something that will harm my Rohloff hub.

I know quite a few people cheat on their cog/ring ratios, so how important is the 54 mm chain line. Can any MTB crank be adjusted for the chainline or is riding the front ring in the outside position the way to go?

Just asking because I'm looking for a new set of MTB outborad bearing BB/cranks.


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Running the chain on the correct chainline is important for not dropping the chain if the chain is somewhat looser than it should be. As well a tiny bit of side loading will be placed on the bearings of the BB and the hub. This is fairly insignificant imho. A straight chainline should make your chain last longer too.

The outer ring position is pretty darn close on a standard or external BB. If you use a dedicated SS type front ring you won't chuck chains.
There's a little tolerance, of course, but you're also increasing side loads on the chainring teeth -- especially under load -- which of course increases wear and makes for a decrease in the smoothness of the drivetrain.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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