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How does basic rock shox solo air work?

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School me on how basic solo air works when there is no dimple in the stanchion. I see the piston is spring loaded and a groove in the shaft, i assume some how that transfers air from positive to negative.

Also does this piston come off? Seems to be threaded, can unthread about two turns and that's it won't actually come off... But seems loose. It's it suppose to be snug tight?


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It lifts the air-piston off it's seat to let air flow past internally and equalise postive and negative pressure.

Don't try to unscrew it, it'll just break. I've had to drill the rivet out of one before to fix a leaking o-ring inside. But that's not common at all.
gotcha, i saw a wave spring between the piston and the black lower piece, must hold like a check plate against one of the pieces for the transfer?

When you drilled out that rivet how did you reassemble it? Another rivet?

That failed o ring one you had, what problem did it have? No negative spring?
I don't remember exactly how I replaced the rivet. That one had a cut in the o-ring so it was bleeding air through. Tried to replace the whole thing but part not available!
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Yeah not much luck on any parts for entry level suspension i hear till late 2023 early 2024.

Got to improvise in this climate
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