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You need to get yourself some Allen wrenches that fit the cap bolts. Sometimes you need to put a wrench on both sides of the pivot as it is likely that one bolt will stay in the pivot axle, which is ok, and the other will spin free. Simply pull the pivot axle out from the frame and leave the stubborn bolt in the axle. Loosen them off like you would for any bolt. Watch out for the rear triangle, it will want to flop down. And you should remove the shock completely first as it will hinder the entire operation. Also the chain should be removed as well as the rear derailleur and rear brake caliper as the hoses and cables keep the rear-end tied to the front. The tricky part can be the pivot axles. They are a tight tolerance in the frame and don't always want to free themselves from the front triangle, but with any luck they should slide out. If you need to tap them out, use a non marking/abrasive object to punch them out, like a hardwood dowel or a plastic material. Don't strip the heads of those cap bolts, they are only aluminum and you won't like the grief you'll get if that happens. Make sure your wrenches fit tight and send them in as far as they will go. Of course, the drive side crank will need to be removed also, to access the cap bolt on the chainstay. Take your time and use the proper tools, and everything should go smoothly.

Let me know if you want me to clarify anything or if you need more info. That bike kicks ass too, I'm getting a Fox 40 put on mine as soon as it ships over. Good luck!

R. Jones
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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