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how do you remove frame brake bosses?

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i just installed my discs and now i want to remove the bosses on my frame. it looks like there are flat sides on the side so a wrench could grab em, but i'm twisting pretty damn hard and they wont budge. are they pressed in? its a specialized rockhopper frame.

any ideas?
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In theory the posts are supposed to thread out using a wrench on the flats as you were trying to due. This would only correctly work if the posts were greased before they threaded them in in the first place. However, most manufactures choose to use blue Loctite instead as then they don't have to worry about the posts becoming loose later on, probably don't want to be sued.

If you thread them out, don't be suprised if the steel post strips out all of the aluminum threads on the frame. Blue loctite galls onto aluminum pretty damn bad. If you are sure that you won't ever be using rim brakes again, just turn a little harder and take your chances. In no way should this damage any other part of the frame.
Righty tighty Lefty loosey

Screw in make sure you use the right size wrench
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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