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How do you keep your pantleg out of your chainring

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How do you all keep your pant leg from getting caught up your chainring? I usually roll up my jeans on the drive side....If i remember to.
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By wearing shorts!

Or tuck your pants into your sock. Or use a rubber band.
or one of those fatty rubber bands
Levi's 511 Skinny, 514 are pretty good to for keeping out of the chainring if you dont like skinny jeans
It's all about the knickers, 3/4 shorts, and manpri's... You might get some shizz about them at first, but after you hit the wallride to step-off line and tweak it like a total BAMF, it won't even matter what the haters are saying.
No. No to this thread.

If you are old enough to type you should be able to figure this out. And if you have any dignity, you wouldnt post a thread like this.
Sombrio69 said:
careful, you might get shot at if ur in the wrong place. lol
True... I just found my dvd copy of RAD and have watched it a couple of times this week and was reminded of wearing them when I was a kid....
I used a rubber band but when I didnt I ruined my pants :eek:
pacoverde said:
wipe some poop on it
i lteraly L'd my A O before i typed that but its 11 o klok and i think things r funny when it gitz late so im sowwy
ps wut finger is he waving:nono:
Go to and check out the jeans. They have an elastic adjustable band on the right leg to keep the jeans and sprocket separate entities.
Just wear your old jeans. Mine aren't super tight, they're pretty loose, but still no jeansuck into my chainrings...
Single speed!!!!!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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