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How do you get Deemax to work on a Turner DHR

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My problem is as follows: I have a like new Deemax wheelset and can't afford to buy new a new hub or anything for the wheels that is more then 100 bucks. So i need you guy to help me out. I have seen many DHR with Deemax on them and i want to know how they got it to work. i have the 10mm 135mm spacing Deemax and i need to get them to work with my new DHR frame 12mm through Axel 135mm spacing. PLEASE HELP!

I have been told many times that this will never work and even more times that there is a way.

thing i have been getting as responses around the Internet:

1) get a saint converter kit from mavic. This will alow you to run the 12mm axel of the saint rear der. but instead of runnig the der. run it through with the hadley 12mm axel that comes with the DHR.

2) get from hadley, a 20-10 axel, they already make the 20-12 axel for the DHR and should have a 20-10. then just run the deemax the way they are.

3) see if another company makes a conversion kit for the mavic deemax hub: called hadley didn't have one, I was told from countless people mavic doesn't make one. HOWEVER maybe Therapy Components have one they make it for chrissking hub maybe they have something that will work with the deemax hub.

I am up for anything else that you guys can come up with, as long as its not custom fabricate one, or go buy a new hub or wheelset!

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I assure your Turner has 20mm dropouts like my Dare or a front fork and that your Dmax hub has a 10mm nutted axle.
Have you ever taken the axle out of your Dmax? It is made of three pieces which all bolt together. Once you take it apart how to adapt it becomes fairly obvious.You just have adaptors made that fit your frame and are threaded to fit the nutted portions of the Dmax axle. The trick is that once you separate the outer drive side nutted portion of the axle the freewheel will fall off and your pauls and springs will explode. To stop this you need to make a bolt to temporarily hold the center portion of the axle and freehub in place.
This is still a bit theoretical as I have all the pieces but will not have a chance to assemble them till next week.
I considered the Saint route but without actually having one in hand it was pretty hard to figure out if it could be made to work.
Why does assume always make an a$$ out of u and me
ZMTBER said:
How do you get Deemax to work on a Turner DHR
take it to his shop......
if it were me i'd sell those deemax's and get something're probably looking at around $50 in parts to do it right. You could get 12mm adapters to place inside your dropouts possiblyto run the 10mm axle , or get the deemax 12x150mm axle and get it cut down if it fits in your hub. The turner has a 12mm axle for a reason. I'd try to get one instead of jerry rigging something up. Deemax's are overrated and you'll be wishing for more spokes...
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