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I own a 2010 RockShox Vivid 5.1 on my Morewood Izimu (SPI2).
After riding in Whistler and back at home for 6 months now, and comparing it to same bike with a Fox shock, the Vivid feels too sticky. It has been serviced few months ago and is used about once a week intensivly.

I'm looking for guidence on how to setup the Vivid 5.1 to its plushest, softest configuration?
I'm 60Kg (132 lbs), about 165cm tall (5"4').


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You have a high-pivot single pivot bike, due to the pivot location and lack of a linkage controlling the rate, it's going to end up harsher than bikes with lower pivots (especially when pedaling ), virtual or fixed. Just realize that even with the perfect tune, it may not do what you want. Otherwise, id say be sure to run some low speed compression damping, possibly a good deal. If i dont do this with my avalance shocks they end up harsh because the high speed circuit doesn't activate. With the low speed compression, it prevents excessive movement at low speed and keeps it stable at high speed, also contributing to a "gets better the faster you go" type of feeling.
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