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How do i know what best for me?

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Hello, How do i know what type of Riding is me? I love my bike soo much but i don't know what to do? Downhill Racing, Downhill Forest, Street/Park Or Jump Biking?

Would be great help if you helped me on this one as im on my bike all the time...

Thank you TommyLeeWilde :thumbsup:
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If you like to do downhill and jumps then you gonna want those type of bikes. They are somewhat single purpose bike because they are heavier and with the geometry they are not as easy to climb as trail bike.

Good news is many trail bike 5-6" bike for example Giant ReignX, SC Nomad, Heckler, can tackle the stuffs you like and still climb. Best is to try them out to see if it's best for you or not.
Thx Guys, Ermm i like Jump/Downhill and Trail
I'd stick with something similar to Reign x or Nomad something in that travel range. You can build it 30-35lbs the bike can still climb. DH bike is 40+lbs it's not something you want to do trail riding with. Almost every companies offer something in that travel range like Kona, Jamis, Titus, Intense ect.
I would say reign or nomad if you are going to be hard on the bike . I think the Giant is more plush going down but has alot of bob when climbing (if you stand and climb).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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