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How difficult is it to convert a Lefty from XLR to PBR?

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Both of my bikes have 2011 Lefty's: a PBR on my training bike and a carbon XLR on my race bike. I perfer the PBR action & weight advantage and would therefore like to swap them. So I have two questions:

1. Can the parts just be swapped?
2. Is it easy or should it be left to a pro?
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I just received my 2011 xlr lefty from project 321. They converted mine to a pbr. Give Jake a call, he was great to deal with.
I'd be very willing to swap a new PBR for your XLR. Which XLR model do you have?
After spedning some more time with the XLR I decided to keep it afterall. Now that I'm more used to using it it's toally worth the extra clutter & weight.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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