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How can I view this map on a GPS device:

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I made a map on, most of the roads are not in the Garmin database of Jamaica, how can I download a file with the map and then view my GPS position on a GPS device? Is there a GPS device that can do this?

I know I can ride the route, then download it into a GPS device such as Garmin. I want the route on a GPS device before I ride so I don't get lost.
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a. free maps for the garmin series, that you can install into MapSource, and thus upload to your GPSr, are available online. Read about them over here. :^)

b. particulars depend upon which gps receiver you have, but basically you can use MapSource to upload a track as a saved-track into your gps, which you can then see on-screen. You could also manually convert the gps track into a route, which can also be uplaoded onto your GPS, for similar effect. I suggest playing around with mapsource and your gps (and checking the manual) to see how things work.

dislcaimer: I don't use mapmyride, so I've no idea what forms of data it will give you. If it lets your download your data as GPX files then they can be directly loaded into MapSource.
Thanks for your excellent response. I looked at those Garmin maps, they are missing most of the secondary roads in Jamaica. (I can see the secondary roads in google earth and mapmyride, not in the Garmin map.) mapmyride specifically downloads to Garmin. The only issue I have is: while I'll have my route on the GPS, there's no reference to a map, I am just out in the ether (because there's no map of the secondary roads in the Garmin database). If the route has issues and I want to freelance on a moments notice, I don't have a map. And if I get lost freelancing, all I have is a fancy compass.

- Am I missing something?

- Can I make my own route AND map using (with someone's software?)? Then download it to a Garmin?
What Garmin do you have? Some will take uploaded maps, some will not.
It's not very much for the faint of heart, but there's been a fair amount of information published on the 'net on building custom maps for the garmin, both vector-based (better for road auto-routing) and image-based (e.g. georeferenced). I don't have links handy but googling "custom garmin gps map making" or the like will probably turn up link. Or maybe "howto custom garmin gps maps" - I know tools like cGpsMapper is involved, but I don't know *how* as I've not done it yet.

Even with the lower fidelity maps, at least that's something. I used a basemap in a garmin Rino 130 to get around the Domican Republic, basically. Was fun to explore, but at least we always had "big" roads to target. :D
You will have to make your own if what you want isn't available. Finding the software is pretty well covered, but that's only the first hurdle. The next hurdle will be locating GIS data for your area. You'll need roads, and it might be worthwhile to find elevation (DEM) and waterway data, too. Search for "free jamaica GIS data" with the types of things you want to add to your map. The more detail you add, the more intense the processing will be on the GPS end when you're drawing maps, so don't go overboard on the contours. ;)
Thanks for all the replies. I haven't bought anything yet, Garmin looks like a good choice, my company has a bunch of content in their units so I can get a discount.

I can make a real simple road map using some of the mentioned software:

- Which software is a good start for a simple road only map?

- What the cheapest garmin that will let me load my own maps? I'd like to be able to trace a route and have my own map. I don't need any cycle computer functions, I don't need turn by turn, I just want a device for secondary roads in the world.

- Is there something from Delorme I should consider? We have products inside those and I can get a discount too.
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