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Originally from the "Describe in 1 or 2 words, Mtn Biking means to you" thread:
RedneckRider said:
2. Bikesexual.
3. The meaning of bikesexual comes from eating, breathing, and sleeping with one thing on your mind, the bike. Rain or shine, the bikesexuals are out trying to beat their own time, their buddies up a hill, or just having a great time in the mud. The bike is the first thing on their mind when they awake, and the last before they go to sleep. The bikesexuals will spend every last penny just to get their bike running again, or spend that money to hit new trails or climbs they have heard about. The question is, how bikesexual are you?
I'm so bikesexual, my rear wheel got trashed at a XC race last weekend, I'm building a singlespeed and I just spent more money today on bikes and only have $7 in my bank account.

How about you?
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