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I have a slight dent on one side of the rim and a small crack on a nearby spoke. Is this rim too dangerous to ride while I try to source a replacement? I mainly ride rocky single track and a little bit of bike park

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about this bad....gonna guess not dangerous for a few more rides but keep inspecting it and twanging spokes to know or try to know if it's gonna bite you

I'm assuming alu and that can be bent back to almost normal and be fine forever
[maybe]. without seeing the inside, just guessin...but looks alright to me. I'd knock
that back with two flat pieces of wood and a wrench and use it up


now for this


that show impending death of the wheel....for this I'd be seeking a replacement rim

in reality now I have a job and paycheck I'd stop riding it immediately and ride a different wheel. but bitd flat broke and racing, I'd not even bother with it, and ride/race until it collapsed or started throwing beads
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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