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Are the trails muddy? A buddy and I were thinking about making our first trip up that way tommorrow (Sat. 1/20) and were not sure about trail conditions. Also, what would be some good first trails to explore at either Dupont or Pisgah (Brevard area).


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Rode there last weekend

and the singletrack we rode was nice. There were a few soft spots here and there, but the double track, especially corn mill shoals headed toward burnt mountain was really wet. Tomorrow's biggest worry is going to be ice so don't plan on riding up the east side of cedar rock. The trails off of the fawn lake trailhead should be pretty good. Those would include mine mtn, reasonover creek, airstrip, laurel ridge, shoals, etc. We'll be there around 11. Oh, the rain gauage at Guion farm only recorded 0.13 inches during the recent wetness.
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