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How are the new Line Elite Wheels?

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Looking at the new Top Fuel, deciding between the 9.7 and the 9.8. Wondering how the Line Elites are holding up for folks who got them with their new Fuels, Slash, and TF. I wonder if it would be better to go with the 9.7 and buy a I9 wheelset instead.
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My Line Elites (9.8XT) have taken a few big hits, no damage and still running true. Removed the TLR rim strips and replaced with Stan's rim tape. Best OEM wheels I've had on a new bike
I purchased the Line Elites back in July of 2020 as an upgrade from my Line's on 2020 Fuel EX 9.7 . I also upgraded the engagement to 108T (back then they only came with 54T, but now they come stock with 108T). They have been rock solid, no issues here.
I have the Line Elite wheels on my Slash - I have cased the hell out of them on whale tale jumps and hit some rocks at low pressure. They are holding up like a champ!

We thickened the bead area to protect your tire bead and strengthen it against impacts that could split the rim.
That’s great to hear! Just placed an order for the 9.8 Top Fuel!!!
Awesome! Hope your bike arrives quick. You are going to love it
Great choice.

The accumulation of mtb tech used to build that 9.8 is incredible.

You should never need another bike. at least not for a long time.
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