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How about Strong Custom frames?

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Thinking of getting a custom steel mtb frame.
Any thoughts?
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great work...

carl strong is one of the best builders in the biz. he use to make frames for ibis as well. page mtbr member donkey (he hangs out in the single speed and 29er forums). he has a ti pipestone, and it's probably one of the sweetest frames i have ever seen on mtbr.


Nev said:
Thinking of getting a custom steel mtb frame.
Any thoughts?
You won't regret it.

Carl's frames are famous for a reason - he's a master. I say go for it!

I've only seen pictures of them

but they are beautiful frames. He does amazing paint jobs as well. The only downside may be the wait. I've heard that it can be a long time for a Strong. You may want to find out from others who own one of his bikes. Otherwise, I'd say it's a great choice.
strong racing frame for sale

i have strong steel Pipestone frame w/ 23" top tube if interested.
great bike... but after spending two seasons in utah... going FS
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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