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Jan. 5, 2007 - Sly Park trail access to be closed

By Charlotte Sanchez-Kosa, Democrat staff writer
Friday, January 5, 2007 8:59 AM PST
THIS TRAIL will be blocked off because EID must follow regulatory requirements set forth by the state Department of Health Services. Democrat photo by Joanne McCubrey

Construction of a fence near the second dam at Jenkinson Lake has begun and El Dorado Irrigation District officials say the fence is a state health requirement.

The state Department of Heath Services has required that the fence be put up to keep boaters and swimmers out of the inlet area near the second dam, according to EID spokeswoman Mary Lynn Carlton.

The fence is 2,500 feet long and 6 feet tall and starts from the dam. Some of the 2,500 feet is in the water.

"DHS has required that we address this issue of body contact," she said. "They have required that we fence off our inlet area at the second dam because that's where the water goes from Jenkinson Lake to our inlet."

She added EID has to cut down trees to accommodate the fence.

Scott Murray of the State Department of Heath Services said EID is required to fence part of the shoreline to the outlet. He also said no swimming signs will be posted at regular intervals along the fence.

"The fence has nothing to do with free access," said Steve Setoodah, EID director of facilities management. "We had to put the fence in because of regulatory issues."

He added those who have been accessing the lake from that area would probably develop another trail. (WTF!?!)

Setoodah also said EID wants to do what it can so that swimmers, boaters and fishermen can continue to use the lake.

"The access is there for the community," he said. "The purpose of the fence is not to block free access. If we wanted to do that, we would have put a fence around the entire lake."

Setoodah also said EID is planning to increase its surveillance of the lake with the intention of keeping the lake available for body contact and at the same time, keeping tabs on the water quality going into the water treatment plant.

Murray said closed-circuit cameras will be placed at points where the fence comes in contact with the shoreline.

"Without this update, it could threaten body contact throughout the lake." said Deanne Kloepfer, EID communications director.
here is the review of that trail so you guys know which one this is...
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