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Public access from Tanner Road to Add'cks Reservoir is now open. The path is natural surface for now, but we will continue to work toward a paved trail from the nearest traffic light to the top of the dam. (Note: MTBR auto-censor won't allow inclusion of the name of the dam.)

Some notes about the natural surface trail today (reference the maps):

  1. The sliding gate at Tanner is currently open. If you find it closed you may open it to pass through. (We expect that the industrial property to the east will be fenced off soon. Please do not trespass on that private property.)
  2. A trace through vegetation from the County Parks property to the mowed margin around the concrete spillway has developed. It can be muddy in spots immediately after a rainstorm. In my experience with other traces in Add'cks Reservoir, it will remain open if there is usage.
  3. The concrete spillway extends to Clay Road and is in good condition with the exception of two short segments with crumbled concrete.
  4. Please be careful around Clay Road. If you are crossing Clay, sight lines are very good in both directions, and even at rush hour, there are big gaps due to the traffic lights at Brittmoore and Eldridge. Please be patient; you won't have to wait more than a few minutes for a gap in the traffic to allow you to cross safely. Approaching the top of the dam along Clay Road, I've waited for gaps in the traffic and I've walked my bike up the hill outside the roadway. Both require care due to proximity to high-speed traffic.
  5. Trails in the Add'cks Reservoir area are shown on; search for "Add'cks" (but with an i instead of a '). Detailed descriptions are available for each trail and trace.

When this project started, a paved trail was planned. Though it isn't possible to obtain a permit at this time, the property purchase by Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Department ensures public access and enables an all-weather path to be built in the future.

Your responsible use of the connection now will demonstrate public support so that a paved trail can be built in the future:

  • Please don't litter and help keep the area free of debris.
  • Firearms and motor vehicles are prohibited.
  • Please do not trespass on the industrial property east of the trail.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


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