Upgrade adds plushness to new and existing Monarch shocks

RockShox Product Manager Jeremiah Boobar explains the advantages of the new DebonAir upgrades to the Monarch and Monarch Plus shocks.

RockShox looks to add the same kind of responsiveness to their Monarch rear shock platform that's garnered so much praise for their Pike fork with the announcement of the enhanced DebonAir air can. The new configuration will come standard on the Monarch Plus RT3 piggy-back shock and is available as an option on the Monarch RT3. It is also available as an upgrade air can for the 2014 Monarch and Monarch Plus, as well as the 2013 Monarch RT3.

DebonAir is designed to deliver a more linear spring curve, according to RockShox, and makes the shock more reactive to small bumps, resisting initial chop and reacting to small bumps. RockShox Product Manager Jeremiah Boobar says the shock is 25-percent easier to move through the first third of its travel which he says equates to better control and traction.

The new shock appeared as an option on the new, third-generation Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon announced today.

RockShox DebonAir Pricing/Availability

Monarch RT3 DebonAir: $365-390
Monarch Plus RC3 DebonAir: $499
Upgrade kit: $115.50
Available: May, 2014