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I had a buddy come into town from the Bay Area last week for some riding. The last time I rode with him was in Maui with Airwreck, Shaheeb, Moose and their crew. On the way out of the trails in the dark, he went OTB and broke his collarbone. With that fully healed, he packed his bike up and came to the PNW for a long weekend of riding in Whizzler with a crew of my buddies.

On the way up, we did a quick stop on Seymour to get a rip down CBC, Corkscrew, Salvation, Pingu, Pangor and Empress (he went around empress). Joel does a lot of riding in Downieville, UCSC and a lot of the usual places in the bay area, but hadn't ridden ladders or log rides before. Nothing like a dose of the Shore to check those off of one's list! :thumbsup:

Joel on CBC (super dark pic):

Down CBC with great success. I like!

Juice on Corkscrew:

In the lot, we ran into Shirk who apparently missed his group and decided to drink beer in the lot instead. ;) Nice going Shirk!! From there, we headed up to Whizzler. Bog-One got to the condo not long after we did.

On Friday, I had to work a chunk of the day, but got in the park in mid afternoon and hooked up with lee and Sharon for a few runs.

Joel familiarizing himself with the Joyride drops. Looking good!

Cranking it up:

Did I mention the hot bear on bear action???? :eek: These two were going at it just up from the lift. We got 2 runs in while they locked in this position.....not a lot of activity, looked more like spooning to me. Perhaps they had their own "cuddle party" going? :D

All done!

Some lift action. Me, Leel, Joel and Juice (in background).

Welcome to the reality of Whistler. Juice pulling his wheel apart to fix a broken spoke......likely from the beginning of Upper Whistler Downhill! I had to do the same thing on Monday.

Got a few runs in with Kevin and Cam on Friday who were up for a couple of days. Kevin's still rockin' the PBR bottle rocket which is super Hawt! Went for Indian food with those guys on Friday night and joined up with Kyle Thomas and his better half as well. Good times!

Saturday in the park = Long lines. Kevmo Philabuster and Bog One keeping a smile going though.

After riding the park in the AM on Saturday, we headed out for an afternoon jaunt on Cheap Thrills and Danimal. Somehow I talked the dudes into joining me for an hour push up the westside. The new work on Danimal was killer and flows so nice! Kudos to Chris Markle and WORCA on the much-needed updates to this trail.

Muttonchops joined us as well.....

Kevmo on a long and steep ladder.

Bog One on the same ladder. He was stoked on his Gran mal on this trip....glad he was able to make it up!

Joel hitting a steep rock roller:

Stopping to check out steep rock. The easiest line, imo, is a V-notch to the left of the pic.

Juice without an issue.

Same for Mutton:

Time for more bear shots. :D :D

Eating grass:

Mom and her 3 cubs.

Joel in the frame with the bears paying him no mind.

Another of momma and her cubs. Taken from the chair.

Overall, another great weekend up in BC with no major crashes or injuries. :) Got a little shore riding, a lot of bike park and a little bit of "whistler xc". It's cool to see the area through a set of fresh eyes. Joel was super smart about calling it when he was tired, riding around stuff if he wasn't sure, etc. but he still managed to push his limits and was hitting all the tranny's on Crank it up, he rode down the entire upper part of Schleyer and got the middle GLC before the weekend was over. Very nice! :thumbsup:


Just roll it......
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airwreck said:
good to hear Joel has recovered!
thanks for the hit EB, one week plus one day till we board the plane...

Lee, no fullface :nono:
Nice! I'll see if I can make it up at all, but it's not looking good at this point. July 4th looks like the earliest we can get back up.

As for Lee's 7 year old Bell helmet.....I commented on it while we were on the chair and he said that when it splits apart, he'll get a new helmet. :skep: :skep:

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Wow, awesome pics, Eric. Glad you guys had such a great time. See you soon!

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Nice shot's, I hope you guy's were able to read this warning in full and fully understand what the warning is all about.

This warning coming from several recent fatalities in our national parks.

The National Park Rangers are advising hiker's & biker's in Glacier National Park and other Rocky Mountain parks to be alert for bears and take extra precautions to avoid an encounter.
They advise park visitors to wear little bells on their clothes so they make noise when hiking & biking. The bell noise allows bears to hear them coming from a distance and not be startled by a hiker or biker accidentally sneaking up on them. This might cause a bear to charge.
Visitors should also carry a pepper spray can just in case a bear is encountered. Spraying the pepper into the air will irritate the bear's sensitive nose and it will run away.
It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for fresh bear scat [droppings] so you have an idea if bears are in the area. People should be able to recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat.
Black bear droppings are smaller and often contain berries, leaves, and possibly bits of fur. Grizzly bear droppings tend to contain small bells, bike parts and smell like pepper.

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carbuncle said:
Nice pics, how was CBC rollin'? we're up to the W for three days this weekend, can't wait!
CBC was in fantastic shape. Seriously, it was drier than Pangor. There was still huge piles of snow in the newly paved parking lot up top, but there wasn't anything on the trail itself.

Dirtjunkie, thankfully, there are no grizzlies in Whistler proper, but that "warning" is always a crackup. Lots and lots of black bears that seem pretty uninterested in us bikers though!


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I am fully stokified for a couple reasons.....this thread/pix, of course....

...and I got the okay to remove the splint today. w00t!

Feels hella weird as you guys know all too well, but the PT was impressed with initial flexibility.

Sometime SOON after July 4th weekend you be seeing Jubilee in those Whistler pixorz.

YEAH! :thumbsup:
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