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Hello, I was wondering if anyone ran their Hoss w/a 5" travel fork or longer? I think I have seen some posts around here that said people have. I just want to know if running a longer travel fork will ruin/damage the strength/integrity of the frame since it is designed to accomodate 4" forks. The large area where the down tube, top tube, and head tube intersect lead me to believe that running a longer travel fork would not be a problem.

For what its worth I just rebuilt my 04' Hoss frame w/a RS Pike fork. I've been running it @ around 100mm for xc, but just to see how it handled down some twisty singletrack I jacked it up a bit to around 120mm (more or less), it seemed to give me a little more cushion on the longer downhills.

Does anyone think that running a longer travel length going down will make the bike more squirrelly? One of the main reasons I bought this frame a while back was because of the price and strength. The geometry is very similar to a Santa Cruz Chameleon (Chameleon can run up to 6" fork) and the large/oversized tubing appear to give the frame increased strength @ the head tube area, much like the gusset on th SC Chameleon. TIA for any help.
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