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Horse on Kitsuma

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Is Kitsuma open to horses? There were fresh horse tracks last thursday, and fresh poop, :madmax:
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Seems to me like the locals do whatever they want on Kitsuma. I was there yesterday and there were 20 boys shredding the rhododendrons at the top to make a fire. I did advise them not to kill themselves with the smoke but hey-- who knows maybe they are into that sh*t.

Who is responsible for that property anyway?? Town, state, private?? No one really seems to know.
Grandfather District of Pisgah National Forest.
I am fairly positive my friend and I saw those same kids up towards the top. It was funny because one kid was like "you rode your bikes all the way up here?". Just as he said that, riders coming the other direction from the campground said "are you really going to ride down that eroded section?" and my friend replies excitedly "heck yeah we are!". Don't remember any poop though.
Yeah that was us... we had just got done carrying our bikes up that section :D Don't tell me you really rode those hardtails down that section of trail..... We laughed about it on the way down and didn't believe you..... :thumbsup:

Those kids were weird as we were coming up one started yelling down Hey what are you doing here...... like he owned the damn place. And then didn't believe we rode our bikes up there either.

Maybe the poop is down the old fort side... we just rode in about 2 miles and turned around to come back to practice swtichbacks. Did you do the whole loop?
My friend made it all the way down no problem, but I had to dab a foot a time or two (or three). I have never cleaned that section and it only seems to get harder everytime I go out there.

Your right about the kids acting like they own it tearing up the bushes and all. That is the most people I have every seen out there. It was like a wierd gathering in the woods.

We did the whole loop. It took us a while as we kept stopping to do all the big log jumps over. Fun stuff.
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