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thanks to Mr. Intense for previously posting up a couple of pics of the 1st size small Tracer VP. I'm hoping to see some more pictures [small frame].....anyone got one [and if so could you please post some pics]?

I've been riding a Rocky Mountain Switch 2.0 for the last couple of years, great when pointing down, but a bit of a beast on the climbs [it's ~43 pounds]. My friend built up a Uzzi VP about a year ago, and I've fancied an Intense ever since.

The more sensible side of me wants to go for the Tracer, but there's something very tempting with a SS also [they just look so purposeful, and I like the low standover since I'm only 5'6"]. The main things putting me off the SS are the fact that it's the old VPP design [and still more expensive than the Tracer (in the UK)], and has the old type of bearings. The Tracer is probably more suited to what I do on a regular basis [which does involve looking for drops, gaps etc, but for the most part is 'trail' riding].

Anyone else deliberated over Tracer vs. SS?

Of course I've been following the Uzzi VP development very closely [probably check the forum about 5 times a day], but I'm just wondering if it's too much bike for what I need [as per the RM Switch].

Many Thanks

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