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I picked up a used trek 2003 6700 slr 17.5" that had its fair share of ascetic dings, but was very sound. It needed to be caught up on the usual maintenance , but I DIY so that's not a big deal. Last week I went on a 7 mile ride and came back with a few conclusions, along with a sore butt. A few things needed to be addressed.... so I ordered a rebuild kit for the rockshox pilot sl,a spoke wrench to true up the wheels, new tubes and tires (2.3 nevegal rsr front/ 2.2 geax saguaro rear).

Last night I took off the fork to start the rebuild and everything went smoothly except the fact that the fork has never been serviced and the non-adjusting plastic top cap rounded *beep* with a 24mm socket. I then filed down all the flats to 20mm and still wouldn't budge. So I made an executive decision drill out the top and use a pipe extractor to unthread the remainder. First of that sucker must have swelled because it still required alot of effort to remove, and what genius decided to use plastic? :roll:

Long story short I've looked all over the internet for a new 28mm top cap hopefully metal, although I've come up empty handed with discontinued parts. The only alternative i've found is a top cap kit for a 04-05 judy for 25$. I'd hate to order the whole kit and only be able to use one part, and pay for parts I cant use.

Would anyone happen to have an adjustable or non-adjustable top cap for a 28mm tube? Both styles fit so I'll take anything..... otherwise I might have to come up with a kludge.I don't want to upgrade my fork right after I just bought a bike,tires,and rebuilds for the shock. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it !

I'll post pictures later tonight
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