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i would talk to Larry at Mountain High cyclery as he has sold all of them.

they will all be strong....."supposedly", the V2 fall between the M4 and M6 in terms of power as far as I know.....i hear the Codes have PSICK power.

From a cost : power perspective I would put my money on the codes for sure, not that they are cheap, but I am a Hope fan so I would get the M6/M4 combo which I have (though in 2006) as I love it personally. I would definitely get the 2007 M6 as they come with the new sweet Moto lever....and I would spec the M4 with the moto lever as it is not the default lever like it is on the M6 and V2 as far as I know (Larry could confirm).

The V2s looks psick but the rotors are H-E-A-V-Y but you are probably not too concerned about that given the brakes you are considering and besides, you dont have to use the vented rotors with the V2s
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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