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Hope Tech 3 E4 on Scott Spark 970 - WONT FIT!

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Can anyone give advice on how to fit Hope E4 calipers on a Scott Spark?
There isn't enough space between the frame and disk to fit.

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Does anyone know of an adapater bracket to lower the point of contact angle of the caliper? Spoke with Hope and they only suggesting changing the caliper...

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Scott bikes are known for being notoriously weight-weenied and not having much accommodation or intent for heavier stuff, like Hope E4 calipers. Although this varies widely by the user, the E4s are kind off "enduro" brakes. I think they are lacking power for that designation, compared to other brands, but whatever, they are pretty beefy calipers and best used with pretty beefy rotors, at least 180. If you are on 160 rotors I don't see any benefit from a bigger caliper and smaller rotor, it's the opposite of that which would give you better rear-brake heat dissipation. Any time you have one of those setups with the caliper in-between the seat and chain stays you should probably plan on 2-piston calipers, not 4. I have one fat-bike that has that configuration and it's definitely limited in that area, space is tight. I'd suggest going with an X2 rear caliper if you want to keep Hope. Higher chance of fitting. What rotor size are you using BTW? If you are direct mount/no adapter I'd assume 160?
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I’m not usually the fashion police, but I wonder if part of the problem is the cosmic color clash you’re trying to orchestrate. There might be some little-understood intermolecular force keeping your brakes from fitting.
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More simple solution, though it’s hard to tell from the angle, is dude needs an adapter. If the rotor is 180 and the bike is native 160, you need a Hope +20 PM adapter.
More info. What size rotor are you trying to run, is the frame compatible with that size?

I just run x2 in the back, prevents unneeded skidding. V4 up front.

I like the colors

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Agree with @Jayem that it’s not worth using an E4 on anything less than a 180 rotor.
If the issue is that you need a 160 to 180 adapter and clearance inside the frame is limiting you could try a Shimano adapter instead of a Hope adapter. Shimano adapters allow for slightly different caliper positioning to Hope calipers which may make all the difference if things are tight.

See around post #310 onwards in this thread: Transition throttle & vanquish

Running an X2 in the back and an E4 or a V4 in the front as @Shark and @Jayem both suggest is a really good solution (probably the best solution although I didn’t do that on my build as I really wanted a rear E4 caliper for no good reason).
Seems like a poor frame design....

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