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Hope service in the USA?

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can anyone refer me to a reputable person who does work on Hopes? I have a leak in a set of brakes that I would like to get fixed.
Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions.
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Order the parts for a rebuild from any shop that sells Hope, then do it yourself (link). Failing that, send the brake to Hope USA.
Thanks Steve for the link- very cool. Time is limited and I am not sure I am game for re-building a caliper.

I actually checked in with Hope USA and they reffered me to someone- unfortnately I never got a response after my intial email. Thus that is why I looking for any suggestions for a reputable brake mech...

Hope USA does not do any service work....Which strikes me odd since Hope brakes lend themselves to being re-built. I love Hope brakes- always have but this annoys me to no end that there are few people who work on them...
I used [email protected]. (951-927-7796)

He is the Hope recomendation for rebuilds.
(pretty sure he used to be their employee)
Quality work at a decent price and fast turnaround.
(about $100 for full rebuild of a pair of minis...all seals and bled both brakes)

I get the impression that Hope brakes work well enough that they don't need a full time repairman, so he went private.
Odd indeed that Hope USA don't service. It's very much part of the product here in the UK. It's really a very simple job, if a little fiddly, so even if you don't want to take it on yourself you really shouldn't be having any trouble finding a local LBS wrench who'd give it a try. Like I said, any Hope dealer can order seal kits, or just buy one from Jenson (product link) and hand it over to your friendly shop guy (when you manage to find him!).
Hmm...I may try getting the rebuild kit- I am just worried that it is a little more work than I would like as the caliper is leaking....

Erosive- thank you. Actually matt was the individual I tried and I did not get a response- maybe he has something going on in his world that takes precedent but I never heard back from him after I emailed/called him a couple of times.

And I do agree with you about Hope be durable...this is the first set I have had this issue with and I have been using Hope brakes for 10 years.
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