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Hope rotors with Shimano calipers?

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I need some 6 bolt rotors for my new wheels and am intending to use the mono minis in the next month or so. Unfortunately at present, I still need to use my XT hydro calipers, levers, hoses until I have the funds.

If i purchase the hope floating rotors at the moment, will they be ok with my shimano brakes for a couple of months?
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Please.... someone must know??!!
XTR w/Hope Rotors

I just recently replaced my 6 Bolt XT rotors with the Hope Floating rotors. 180 up front, 160 in the rear. I am using them with XTR calipers and have not had any problems at all. I to was concerned about compatibility, but so far, all is well with the combination. 180 up front is much better than the 160 I was suing before.

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