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Ok, so I was racing and blew up my rear wheel (forgot to check tire pressure before race, and was HAMMERING - MY BAD). So bent to heck rear hoop (Stans Crest) was replaced with new hoop (Stans Arch) was replaced, thanks to Swiss American Bikes in record time (hours). I also decided to convert my rear hub to 14mm thru axle instead of 9mm qr. This was primarily due to me having to remove my rear wheel 4 (yes FOUR) times during a race. Lining up the rear wheel and getting the QR tight in a race, in a hurry was a real PINA and I also always felt like the rear end could have been a little tighter (LOL).

So... after some explaining to the wife (well she never really understood, but she knew I was gonna do it anyway)... I converted the rear hub to 14mm thru axle. Was pretty straight forward, and I think I am going to like it. I was also surprised that I did not gain much weight in the conversion...

Rear Hub is Hope Pro2 Evo (I now appricate these hubs more than ever). Bike is Vassago Optimus Ti (get one), with Paragon Sliders (making it super easy for me to switch between SS/Geared/9MM/14MM thru)...

The New Goods, thanks to Vassago bikes for the hookup on the sliders and Shimano axle:

Household hardware Metal Composite material Iron Steel

Weight Before

Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Bicycle tire Bicycle Fender

Geared Side before

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Mode of transport Bicycle part Spoke

Non Geared side before

Bicycle part Bicycle drivetrain part Rim Crankset Bicycle chain

Going into surgery, LOL

Bicycle tire Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Uh, Oh surgen has had a few beers

Iron Metal Building material Handrail Steel
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle tire Bicycle part Bicycle accessory
Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel

Surgery is going well

Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Bicycle Bicycle frame Small to medium-sized cats
Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Bicycle drivetrain part Iron Bicycle frame

All done!

Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Spoke Bicycle drivetrain part
Bicycle part Bicycle drivetrain part Bicycle accessory Bicycle chain Crankset

Surprised to see not much weight gained for the additional stiffness (insert what she said joke here), and speed/ease to replace rear wheel during a race...

Bicycle tire Bicycle part Bicycle accessory Synthetic rubber Carbon
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