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Hope Pro2 bolt-on with track ends

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morning, folks

wondering if any of you is running this setup without nut tuggers.
Would those bolts alone be enough to prevent an axle from sliding?

currently i have a QR/tugger combo, but going to switch to Hope bolt-on hub.
i sure could experiment, but maybe someone already done this and can share an outcome :)

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p nut said:
Which frame is it going on?
it's Soma Juice steel frame
I don't remember how big the actual bolt is on the Hope but if it has a fairly large area it will be fine. I use a Paul WORD hub with no nut tuggers on a Inbred. I've pushed so hard up some hills I thought I was going to break my crank arm and no slip.
Yea, it should be fine. I have a Hope Pro II SS hub on a Ti Inbred with track ends. It has never slipped and I am 210+. I used to have nut tuggers, but realized I did not really need them. The bolts have grooves that kind of dig into the frame material, which should work well with the steel.
I have a set on a siss and they hold fine.
Let us know how it turns out. I use a WI Eno without tugs on my Karate Monkey - no slippage.
thanks, guys!

i'll post a follow-up, although it's not going to be any time soon, still plenty of snow around :)
I ran a Hope on my KM when I had it. Worked fine...I don't have either the hub or the frame any more though.
Mine slipped on an On-One Ti frame. The stock bolts are pretty soft. I had to crank down so hard on them I was afraid of rounding off the 6mm allen holes. There's another thread that refers to some ti replacement bolts that are 8mm (About $20 -- not cheap). I've been very happy with them. I can confidently crank on them enough to eliminate the slippage. The only issue I've had is making sure I have a burly enough multi tool for trail side wheel removal.
While mine hold just fine with the stock bolts I would definitely agree that the stock Hope bolts leave a little something to be desired -- the actual bolt head doesn't seem to be machined very precisely. When I put the allen wrench in the head they just sorta wobble a bit, which means that I really have pay attention when turning them.

I don't know about using Ti bolts on an axle, they just seem too soft. But of course, ymmv.
I've been running an old Hope SS with a screw-on freewheel and threaded axle with bolts on my custom Roberts for nearly 10 years now and Only had the wheel slip a couple of times on hard steep climbs. In both cases I put it down to user error, ie not tightening the bolts down after putting the wheel in after getting the bike out of the car!
6mm bolts? I use an 8mm allen to tighten my Hope Pro II SS hubs. Are we talking about something different, because mine are not even close to stripping and I tighten them down very hard.
Mine are 8mm, too. It's just that the wrench sorta wobbles in the bolt head. I crank those puppies down and, while I have to pay attention to the wrench, I get 'em really tight, too.
The Hope Pro II SS hubs used to be supplied with M10 (10mm diameter thread) button head stainless Allen bolts.
They are now supplied with M10 standard head Allen bolts.
Button head bolts have a smaller socket size than standard, and won't take as much torque without rounding out the socket.
You can always change the bolts, but I've got both types and haven't felt the need to, just bear in mind not to go banzai with the button heads.
They go plenty tight enough before you get to the damage stage.
buddhak said:
Let us know how it turns out. I use a WI Eno without tugs on my Karate Monkey - no slippage.
update -
after a few rides with no tugs - no probs. axle stays put be it braking or mashing uphill :thumbsup:

tugs going into parts bin.

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