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i bougth front Hope M4 205mm last year at January. I run this brake on 02 Monster Ts and the stopping power was killing, absoluty the best.

This year i change my front wheel from 32 Sun Mammoth to 36 Double Track and fork to 888R. I dont know where was problem but the stopping power goes to ****. The stopping power is really worse. 20% is braking power and the rest of power is anywhere :confused:

I Bougt this year rear M4 (not Mono) with 185mm rotor and the stopping power was not too much killing as on the new front M4 from last year.

So, i tried many disc brakes pads. When i tried Clarks pads (sintered) on front or rear they were really very bad. Rotors went to darkening and no stopping power. I tried Fibrax sintered brake pads on front brake and after two weeks of riding on local jumps and our national DH tracks the stopping power is still bad. So i stop my front wheel, but on dh tracks when i push my front brake, the wheel still rotate. And when the front brake was new and i pushed my lever, the wheel went to non-rotate in a few seconds.

Our hope dealer is not good. They said me that the old brake pads made EBC but now these pads make Fibrax. Many people said me that, the old brake pads are the best...

I re-bleed my rear brake with some MX oil (dot 4) changes

So i have two expensive brakes what dont have killing stopping power and im very pissed.

1/please help me, what do you think?

2/what type of pads are the best for downhill

3/what type of oil u use? Im looking for Shell DOT 5.1 brake fluid, but i think that i read in MTBaction that the DOT 5.1 is not good, they recommended only DOT 4, because DOT 5.1 has bad characteristics when the brake has air bubbles...?!?!

4/what happend when i mix two type of oils (same DOT but different marks or two differen DOT types of oil)?????????????

5/ !!! our hope dealer said that "if you dont have milled (i mean this, the stopping power is not good. I think maybe there is a piece of my problem, because my 888R and Scream doesnt have milled places where is the caliper mounted. But i think my old Monster doesnt had it too..My rear leves is little spongy..

So guys, please help me!!!

Now i have Avid Juicy Seven with 160mm rotors! on front and rear for testing and they has more stoping power than my cool M4 :((
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