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This truly does not make any sense to me, so I am hoping that someone out there has dealt with this. I have a pair of new Hope M4 Monos, and I have been riding with them for the last month or so. I have loved them, compared to my Avid Mechs and my older Hope Minis. But yesterday I started having problems. After changing out a pinch flat, my rear brake was all jacked. Here are the symptoms:

When the bike is not moving, I grab the brake lever and everything feels good. But as soon as I started in motion, when applying my rear brake, the lever would go to the handlebar in about half a second. I would stop, and pump the lever once or twice, and all would be good as long as I wasn't moving. So tonight, I took it a step further, and found that 100% of the time when I am not moving, the brake responds correctly. But if I am just pushing the bike at 2 MPH, the lever goes to the bar and I have no braking force 100% of the time. The strangest part is that when I initially grab the lever when I am not moving, and continue to hold the lever while pushing the bike forward, the lever slowly pulls to the bar, proportional to the speed I push my bike. When I do that, it feels like the pressure inside the brake system is being released. But there is no brake fluid leaks. And I re-bled the system again tonight, and the exact same events occur. Does anyone have any ideas? I will probably end up sending them back to Hope for warranty, does anyone have any experience dealing with Hope?

Thanks for any info,
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