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Hope Floating Rotors

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Would like to start a thread for Hope Floating Rotors where everyone can post there setups. What worked and what didn't work for you.

When I was looking, there is hardly any information on whether these things would work or not with my setup. Very frustrating.

I'll go first.

Hope 2 piece Saw Rotors 06+ X2/M4/Mini 203mm/183mm

Bike: 2010 Specialized Enduro Comp
Fork: 2010 RS Lyrik R
Brakes: Avid Elixir R
Hubs: Hadley DH Hubs v11.0
Brake Mounts: Stock mounts 203mm/185mm

Swapped my G3 Rotors with the Hope and had NO RUBBING issues.

With my stock setup, I had a minimum of 2-2.5mm space between any part of the fork, frame, mounting bracket or caliper and the stock rotor.


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I've had no problems with the hope tech 4's and my marzocchi 55's

I've heard the fox 36's rub though.
Good topic

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160mm did not work for me with new XTR M985 brake, reba fork and DT hub - rivet hit the caliper. Used an Avid XX rotor instead.

In the past - with I9, fox fork, hope caliper, and 180mm rotor, rivets hit adapter and fork, with some dremel work made it work.
I was hoping to use this rotor with the new xtr trail brakes. I have a fox f120 and a 2011 pivot mach 4 that I was hoping to put them on.

Sounds like it's not going to work :(
Ohh mcgong, you just HAD to show off here too =P
Floating rotor 180, RS Revelation PM fork, Hope Pro 2 hubs works fine. It never occurred to me why it would not work. Why are some people having problems with the rotors?
Short version is you will almost always have to try on your personal set up.

When the Lyriks first came out, I had 5 through warranty. None of them worked. I had to file down the brake adapter for it to work and spin freely. The kicker, the consistency of close the rotor was to rubbing was not there. One fork it'd be really close, another not even. The next in between, and so on.

Now 4 years later I have 2 more Lyriks, and they both work with no filing down of the adapter or anything. Go figure.
I'm glad they worked for you mcgong. ;) Lookin good.

Forks: 2007/2008/2011 Fox 36's
Brakes: Hope Mono M4/ V2
Rotors: Saw floating/Moto floating 203/183
Hubs: Hope Pro 2/2010 Crossmax SX/DT Swiss 240s

Work fine on the Hope Hubs. Rub on mounting hardware and fork lowers with Crossmax hubs. Requires shaving of mounting and fork lowers for them to work. 2007 Fox 36's with DT hubs worked fine. no rubbing

Forks: 2010 RS Boxxer Team
Brake: Avid Elixir CR
Rotor: 203mm Saw
Hubs: DVision (aka HT Industries)

Work fine. No rubbing
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Fork 2009 Fox F100 15TA
Brakes 2010 Hope Race X2
Rotors Avid CSG2 (the Floating Hopes were to wavy - couldn't get 'em true)
Hubs American Classic 130 Disc

Fork 2009 SID World Cup 9mmQR
Brakes 2010 Hope Race X2
Rotors Hope Floating (the Floating Hopes were to wavy - rubs the pads)
Hubs Ritchey WCS OCR Ltd.
Tech 2 180mm here on my 2010 Fox Talas 36 160. The rotor did rub the inside of the lower, but a little work with a file taking off some the coating in that area and it works perfectly now!
I have the 203's on a 2010 888 with Saint M810's. On both the front & rear I had to lightly file the caliper on the inside of the piece that has the mounting holes. I noticed a very slight amount of wear on the lower mounting boss on the fork, but Ive never had to file it or anything.
UEDan said:
Ohh mcgong, you just HAD to show off here too =P
Hehe, I hope this thread helps out all the people that come to this fork in the trail after me.

Great posts everyone! Thanks
Hope 2 piece Saw Rotors 06+ X2/M4/Mini
183mm front/183mm rear

Bike: 2009 Trance X
Brakes: Tech m4 f/r
Fork: 2009 Fox f120
Mounts: what came with the calipers

I had slight rubbing from the spider on the lower post mount of my fork. Took a little wet sanding on my part took care of that. Rotor is mounted to a Giant brand front hub.
Hope Disc Mono Mini/M4 Saw Disc Floating 160 mm

Bike: 2010 Santa Cruz Superlight
Brakes: Shimano XTR m975
Fork: 2009 Fox F100 RLC
Hubs: Hope Pro 2

Rear was fine. Front had rubbing between the rotor rivets and the brake caliper at the lower bolt mount point which required filing about 2 mm of material to stop the rubbing.
Fork: 2011 Fox F120 RLC
Brakes: Hope X2
Rotors: Hope floating rotors, 183 mm
Wheels: Mavic Crossmax ST

No rubbing at all.
Bike: Niner Rip9 2010
Fork: 2010 F29 FiT 120 RL
Brakes: Hope Tech M4
Rotors: Hope floating rotors 183mm
Wheels: Hope Pro 2 with Sun EQ27 rims

No rubbing
Fork: 2011 36 Talas FIT RLC
Brakes: Hope Tech M4
Rotors: Hope Floating rotors 183mm
Wheels: Tune King 20mm with ZTR Flow rims

get absolutely stuck
Fork: Revelation 150
Brakes: Shimano XT sintered pads
Bike: Ibis Mojo SL 180mm F - 160mm R
Wheels: CB Iodine

Had rub in the front caliber lower tab, cured by filing a bit.

Does anyone get howling when these get hot, I mean HOWLING? They even sound as if they are loose or something, first time it happened I stopped to check the rear rotor bolts.
Specialized Pitch Pro
Fork: Pike 351
Brakes: Hope Tech M4
Rotors: 203fr/183rr
Wheels: Hope pro 2 with Mavic EN521

Lucky for me, just bolted them on, and off I went. Nice and easy.

I put Hope Tech V2 pink on my wife's Myka FSR and had to play with the rear to get rid of the rubbing.
Brakes: Hope X2
Rotors: 183/160 floating. Front caliper adapter (160 => 183mm) by Hope.
Hubs: Hope Pro II (6 bolt)
Fork: 2010 Fox Vanilla RLC FIT 140 (comes with post mount interface, set up for 160mm rotors)

No rubbing or clearnace issues at all. This is the best set of brakes I've ever tried. Blows the doors off Avids and Hayes I've tried in the past for lever feel, quietness and durability of the rotor.

Simply put, these brakes and their floating rotors flat-out work. They don't fade and they look like craftsmanship from tip to tail. There's just something about machined aluminum. I wouldn't hesitate to spec them again.
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