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Hope Bulb vs. Pro II

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I know that the Bulb has faster engagement (36 pt. vs. 24 pt.), a ti carrier (vs. aluminum on the Pro II) and that the Bulb is a bit heavier (due to the ti carrier). I like the faster engagement and the ti carrier and I don't care about the weight difference.

Is there any other reason I should consider the Pro II instead of the Bulb? For example, are the Pro II's disassemble for maintenance? What exactly has been changed internally on the (newer) Pro II?
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I've read all the threads that have been posted here since the Pro II's were announced. I can't remember any posts with detailed technical info about the hub internals.

I do remember a post somewhere (Singletrack or Bikemagic) that described some of the changes and I seem to remember them saying that the pawls had been moved to the carrier and that eliminated the chance of the springs popping out when you dissassembled the hub (or something to that effect). However, I can't find that article now. If the hubs are significantly easier to maintain (i.e. clean and re-lube) than that would be a big selling point for me. I can be a bit lazy when it comes to hub maintenance.

I just realized that I posted this in the wrong forum, so I think I'll try over in wheels and tires.

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