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Hey guys i hope this is ok to do hard-core cyclist [that would be me} needs to find a house mate i am re-locating to Austin Tx from Ma .I am not having much luck on Cs list anyway i love to ride 3-4 x a week . I. ride a 2010/RIP & a super-moto style monster-cross bike when i ride the rode 600 a month is what i can pay no drugs no drama .I work as a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor any help would be great thanks mkpc.
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i got a house i can rent you for 600 with a small commute to austin :) about 2 hours :D
I have nothing to contribute, but this is an interesting avenue to find a house mate.not a bad one I might add! Wish you the best in your search! Might try posting in the other sections of the forum too never know what will pop up!
you might post up on the Bike Mojo Austin VooDoo forum... it'd be in line with your gorilla approach. :thumbsup:
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