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Can someone who has done the XXC and/or the XC Hoo Ha race at Massenutten, please tell me what the ratio of fireroads to trails is? Approximately.

I have heard that the XXC (40 miler) is a tough event, I am thinking it must be mostly trails.....yes|no?

What about the XC (25 miler)?


(no answers over on Passion, so I thought I would try here, even though I plan to use up to 24 speeds :eek: )

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I rode the course a couple of years ago and I pre-rode a bit of it last weekend. I hope I am not lying to you but I am going to say that it's mostly trail. I think there's a prologue (sp?) a climb to the ridge, descent off of the ridge, some riding near the lower portion of the mountain, and the prologue again.

There isn't much elevation change in the prologue, then it's a steady, slightly rocky climb to a paved road, a couple of minutes on the road and then the rocky trail climb up the ridge. Then there is a wicked nasty descent, from there I think you ride some stuff along the bottom of the mountain and ride the prologue but I had to bail without investigating further. Hope this helps.
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