Honey Stinger Announces Grassroots Sponsorship Program
Hive program to offer preferred pricing for influential athletes and teams

December 15, 2010 (Steamboat Springs, Colo.) - Honey Stinger, the leading manufacturer of honey-based nutritional products, announces a new grassroots sponsorship program called "The Hive." The Hive offers preferred pricing on Honey Stinger products and merchandise to athletes and teams identified by Honey Stinger as influential in their sport, region or community.


"We've observed the mutual success that influencer programs can generate for both participants and brands," states Honey Stinger Marketing Director Len Zanni, "There's a world of athletes out there that wield tremendous influence, be it through the traditional route of earning podiums or by authoring websites, blogs, online reviews or social media profiles that encourage and inspire others. The Hive program is designed for them."

The program is open to individuals and teams in Honey Stinger's targeted cycling, running and triathlon markets, but participants in all athletic disciplines are encouraged to apply. At present, The Hive is only available to U.S. residents.

Those interested in the program may apply via the online form available on Honey Stinger's website, www.honeystinger.com which includes a code of conduct that must be agreed upon by the applicant prior to submission. Honey Stinger's marketing staff will review applications upon receipt. Subject to approval, applicants will be allowed to order from Honey Stinger's wide assortment of waffles, bars, chews, gels and branded merchandise.

About Honey Stinger
Located in Steamboat Springs, Colo., Honey Stinger makes convenient, nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods including energy bars, gels and organic chews. Honey Stinger fuels some of the county's top cyclists, runners, triathletes and teams including Lance Armstrong who joined the Honey Stinger ownership team in early 2010. Honey Stinger products are available at specialty sporting goods retailers, natural food grocers and www.honeystinger.com.


Michael McCormack
Backbone Media, LLC