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Honey Run conditions

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Did get a ride in today on Honey Run, wondered if it would be rideable after the rain they had last night at the lake. This trail handles the rain extremely well, very similar to the Ozark Trail sections I've ridden near Potosi. Just a couple of muddy sections and some of the creek crossings were washed deep. Only problem, there was a big storm that went through over the weekend and it dropped about 5 trees on the north loop (I wouldn't attempt the south loop now, it's going to be a mudfest.) There's also some down on the connector loop. Nothing you couldn't hike around. Trees were still falling, I heard one hit while I was riding, yikes! If you ride in the heat, let me warn you to take lots of water and electrolytes. Even with 100 ml of water, 20 ounces of Gatorade and electrolyte capsules I came pretty close to heatstroke -- got done and felt chills all over and had leg cramps when I got home.
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Thanks for the info on Honey Run. I was thinking about riding there Sat, but will probably try Binder trails instead. I did a ride on the Bittersweet trail at the lake yesterday, and what a mess. It also had some large, downed trees. I carried the bike so much, it felt like a cyclocross event. :eekster: I'm not familiar with the Bittersweet trails, ending up losing the trail at one point, and back tracking. It was an afternoon ride, and after a little more than an hour, I was looking for a bailout point. The downed trees, mud, spider webs, heat, and unknown trail routing nearly killed me.
Looking forward to Fall and cooler temps.
RIDINMO, I would recommend Honey Run over Binder, my experience is that Binder takes super long to dry out though it might be OK now. HR was fine other than the trees down, and the hike arounds weren't too hard. Kind of thinking Bittersweet is out of action, last time I rode I had the same experience as you, lost the trail midway and had to turn around and ride back the way i came.
Followed your advice Jim Mac and rode Honey Run rather than Binder this morning. After Bittersweet earlier in the week, Honey Run was great. I rode the S. loop from the trailhead to the gravel road crossing, then rode down the road to the N. Loop. After the N. loop, rode the S. loop back from the gravel road to the trailhead. The lower end of the S. loop was really weedy and muddy the last time I was there, so I just skipped it this time. The mud was not bad at all on the trail I rode, but as you found, there are a lot of downed trees, and some erosion damage. I rode pretty conservative because of the trail conditions.
Might try Binder this coming week if it stays dry.
Wow, I'm surprised the south loop was OK. It can get pretty muddy. Now I'm wishing I had tried it but as it turned out, I was pretty hosed from the heat. Maybe I'll see you at Binder.
I rode 2 laps on the north loop last Monday after a meeting at FLW. Turns out I'm 6 minutes faster counter-clockwise. :)

I have not attempted the connector or south loop for a bit, as the weather has not been kind to them. We need to give the trail some serious love this winter to try to fix a few places that have not been doing well. It's hard to get much of the KC crew down there.

I have another meeting at FLW on Wednesday, and I'm considering riding HR on the way home, depending on how much I work Tuesday and how I feel. It was f-ing hot and humid last Monday. I was glad I had water and E-caps.
Correction to my post a few days ago.
I'm not really familiar with the Honey Run trail, and the map at the trailhead is no longer there, so I misstated the route that I rode. Have since found a trail map, and my ride consisted of the connector trail (3.2M), the North loop (4.5M), and a repeat of the connector trail (3.2M). The portion that I skipped was the 2.8M South loop. In an earlier ride the South loop had been pretty muddy and had high weeds. Likely still muddy with all of the storms that have passed thru the area.

Sorry for any confusion.
If it ever dries out, that south loop is a lot of fun. It's freaking fast, and seems to be downhill all the way! When it's even a little muddy though it can be pretty scary. You're riding along, and all of a sudden the rear tire becomes the front...personally, I find the connector loop to be the most fun, either direction.
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